Sunday, December 9, 2012

Miracles. They can happen

Without getting into biblical passages, or trying to explain how Brandon Inge once hit 27 home runs in a season and made an All-Star team, other miracles have been known to happen.

A bunch of American college kids once defeated the mighty Soviet Red Army team in an olympic hockey game. That was over 30 years ago, and Americans still call it the "miracle on ice" to this day. I would imagine the good people that currently inhabit the various states the USSR once consisted of probably have somewhat of a different nostalgic take on it. Like..."dumb luck", or "one in a million". But it happened.

In the NHL negotiations, union prez Donald Fehr and commish Gary Bettman have a history of being bull-headed with outrageous demands. They've both been behind professional sports work stoppages in the past. Be they owners' lockouts or players' strikes --  fans have been deprived of their beloved games. This is what typically happens when two opposing war hawks are put in charge of reaching a truce. Like so many of our beloved partisan politicians, it appears Fehr and Bettman would rather let things go up in flames, than to lose face. Maybe it's just me, but I've never quite understood how "scorched earth" policies are ever beneficial to the masses/fans in the long run. These two guys can't even find a way to sit down and negotiate anymore. With them remaining in charge, will there be any sort of NHL season at all this year? It would take a miracle.

The Detroit Lions play at Lambeau Field against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night. The Lions have lost 21 years in a row on the road against the Packers. Could the Motown puddy-tats win that game? Sure, anything's possible. Ralph Nader might still get elected President of the United States someday. Yours truly could co-star in a blockbuster action movie with Angelena Jolie and woo her away from Brad during the process, while leaving him stuck with the kids. This blog could win a Pulitzer Prize for literature. The "Princess" might start wearing tennis shoes. But I wouldn't exactly count on any of that happening. It would indeed take miracles.

The Detroit Pistons could win the NBA championship this season. Detroit Tigers' manager Jim Leyland could host Saturday Night Live and finally show his comedic genius to the world. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Sammy Sosa could stand atop the podium spraying champagne in Paris as the top 3 finishers in next year's Tour de France. Kobe Bryant could become humble and, OMG, even pass the basketball to a teammate for a better shot a few times a game. Tiger Woods could "tap-out", say "no mas" and become Rory McIlroy's caddie. My yorkies will start giving ME back scratchings and belly rubs instead of the other way around.

But probably not. Some things are beyond even miracles.

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